Welcome to Disability: IN’s monthly round up of digital accessibility news for August.
At Disability:IN we know that digital accessibility impacts all aspects of disability inclusion. If you have questions about our digital accessibility program, please contact Jeff Wissel, our Chief Accessibility Officer.
Disability:IN Happenings
Check out the updated list of companies who signed the Procure Access Statement
There is a simple way to advance accessibility in your procurement process. It starts by asking questions about the accessibility capabilities of the products and services you are purchasing. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than this but the tools and resources to start with are here!
Is your company advancing accessibility through your procurement process? If so, then consider signing on to the Procure Access Statement. Wherever you are on the journey of establishing or advancing accessibility in your procurement process you can find the information you need in the Procure Access Toolkit.
Justice Department Advances Proposed Rule to Strengthen Web and Mobile App Access for People with Disabilities
“This marks the first time in the history of the Americans with Disabilities Act that the Justice Department has issued a proposed rule on website accessibility,” said Attorney General Merrick B. Garland. “This proposed rule seeks to ensure that Americans with disabilities have equal access to the websites and apps that connect them to essential services provided by state and local governments.”
Office of Public Affairs | Justice Department Advances Proposed Rule to Strengthen Web and Mobile App Access for People with Disabilities | United States Department of Justice
Spotlight on Disability:IN Partners using technology to enhance the accessibility of products we use every day
Accessible Product of the Year: General Motors
General Motors has been awarded the 2023 Accessible Product of the Year for their accessible conversion of the Chevrolet Traverse, in partnership with BraunAbility, which provides individuals with disabilities with an option that reflects a more adventurous, independent spirit and promotes equality for people with disabilities. General Motors has been recognized by Disability:IN as a 2023 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.

Inclusive Marketing Campaign of the Year: Google
This year, Google received the Inclusive Marketing Campaign of the Year award for its ground-breaking ‘All In’ accessible marketing campaign launched at the Cannes International Film Festival. The campaign embodies the change needed about how advertising and media are made for and experienced by people with disabilities. Google has been recognized by Disability:IN as a 2023 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion.

iOS 17 Solves ‘You Need to Unlock Your iPhone First’ Accessibility Hurdle | 9to5Mac.
iOS 17 has solved one of the biggest accessibility hurdles for iPhone users with limited movement: the dreaded ‘You need to unlock your iPhone first’ message:

Other Accessibility Highlights for this Month
As the Chief Accessibility Officer at Disability:IN I am often asked for resources on accessibility of products, accessibility certifications and more.
Below I have listed a few resources I find helpful. If you have “Go to” resources, you would like to see on the list please email them to me at Accessibility@Disabilityin.org.
Accessibility Resources

Disability:IN Accessibility Resources
2023 DEI Report
Microsoft.com Accessibility Resources
Apple.com Accessibility Resources
AppleVis.com Accessibility Resources
Google.com Accessibility Resources
Amazon.com Accessibility Resources
Zoom.com Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Certifications

International Association of Accessibility Professionals Accessibility Certifications
Department of Homeland Security Trusted Tester Program
ADA Certified Coordinator Certification

What a Generative AI Tools Like ChatGPT Can Revolutionize Web Accessibility
Web platforms have long used AI as an automated testing tool that identifies accessibility shortcomings and ensures real-time regulatory compliance. These tools are valuable, helping companies keep their often-sprawling online ecosystems available to everyone. Generative AI changes the game by providing a more efficient and practical approach to web accessibility:

Digital Accessibility Conferences and Events
September 21, Inclusive Design 24 @ID24Conf #ID24, online
October 10-12, M-Enabling Summit, Washington DC, @mEnablingSummit
October 19-20, Accessibility Toronto Conference, @a11yTO #a11yTOConf
November 6-10, 26th Annual Accessing Higher Ground in Denver, CO, hybrid