Selection of NILG Board Members

The selection process for Board Members of the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Board is in the NILG By-Laws under Article V: Membership, which states in part as follows:

Election of Members – The criteria for election to the NILG Board are as follows:

  1. The NILG Board shall consist of four representatives from each of the six Regions designated by the OFCCP on the date these Bylaws were adopted (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Rocky Mountain, and Pacific).
  2. NILG Board members shall be elected by Region and shall represent the entire Region. The NILG Board shall use a standard process for electing Board Members from various Regions. If no eligible candidates are identified during the election process, the NILG Board may, at its discretion by a simple majority vote, remove any of the criteria for NILG Board membership in the Bylaws.
  3. The criteria for being a member of the NILG Board are:
    • Employment with an organization or group of organizations that is recognized as a federal contractor and that has written affirmative action programs. Consultants and attorneys who are practitioners in the affirmative action area are eligible for NILG Board membership, provided that no more than 25% of the Board Members in a Region are consultants and/or practicing attorneys;
    • Active membership in an ILG at the time of the election and experience holding an ILG leadership position, such as past or present ILG officer, conference planning committee member, or other similar substantive role;
    • Support of employer to pay annual dues, attend Annual Conferences, and meet NILG Board attendance and participation requirements;
    • Active involvement as an affirmative action and equal employment opportunity professional; and
    • Only one individual from an organizational entity (same parent company) may serve on the NILG Board at a time.
  4. Board members are expected to meet the attendance and participation requirements as established by the NILG.  Board Members who fail to meet these requirements may be involuntarily removed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  5. The election process shall begin with a communication from the designated Regional Elections Task Leader (RETL) to the Chairs of the ILG groups for the respective Region(s), soliciting candidates for nomination to the NILG Board.
  6. The designated RETL will request the ILG Chairs communicate with their ILG membership and request qualified candidates submit a current biography or resume to the designated RETL.
  7. Upon receipt of the nominee biographies/resumes from the Region and verification of eligibility, the designated RETL shall disseminate a candidate package to all ILG Chairs within the Region who will be responsible for voting on behalf of their ILG members. Each ILG shall have one vote.
  8. The term of office for NILG Board members shall be four years.