The NILG Advisory Council is comprised of the Board’s Counsel and Compliance Subject Matter Experts who contribute at the direction of the Board to provide input on regulatory matters of importance to federal contractors.

The NILG Advisory Council supports the work of the Board’s Constituency Outreach Committee (COC), which interfaces with local ILGs and the OFCCP, EEOC, ODEP and the Veterans administration, by helping to sharpen issues for ILG discussion and develop practice recommendations for agency review.

NILG Advisory Council members are selected by Board vote and serve overlapping 2 year terms. The NILG Advisory Council, in place since 2019, has become instrumental in helping the NILG support local ILGs and in providing observations and feedback to regulators.


Board Members cannot serve as members of the Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council may be comprised of up to six members.  The Advisory Council may be comprised of attorneys, affirmative action consultants, statisticians, industrial psychologists, labor economists, and/or other consultants to the federal contractor community whose expertise the Board determines would be of assistance to the NILG.

Advisory Council Members may not directly market their products or services to, or solicit business from, NILG Board Members or take any other action that is inappropriate or inconsistent with the NILG’s mission, purpose, or vision.  Advisory Council Members may, however, be speakers at, contribute as official sponsors, and exhibit at events, and engage in similar activities.  Advisory Council Members shall not hold themselves out as speaking for the NILG unless the NILG Chair provides issue-specific specific authorization in advance.

Advisory Council Members serve at the pleasure of the NILG.  Any Advisory Council Member who is unable to fulfill the duties or responsibilities; exhibits behavior that is inconsistent with the mission, objectives, or vision of the NILG; that violates any of the rules, procedures, or practices of the NILG; has a conflict of interest; and/or for any reason deemed inappropriate in the NILG’s sole discretion, may be removed from the Advisory Council by a majority vote of the NILG.

Scope of Service:

The Advisory Council meets regularly as scheduled by the NILG Chair or designee to discuss NILG initiatives and provide feedback and recommendations.  The Advisory Council is expected to spearhead projects and serve as a think tank for the NILG.  Upon approval by the NILG Board, some or all of the members of the Advisory Council may be invited to attend the NILG Board’s meetings with government agencies or other organizations. Time commitment varies, but Council Members should expect to devote an average of 10 hours per month to Board activities.


Responses to this RFP should cover the following components:

  1. General Specifications
    • Timeliness of response and accessibility to the NILG
    • Advisory Council members must be willing and able to devote a minimum of 10 hours of service pro bono, which may be more in times of active agency rulemaking and regulatory activity
  2. Background
    • Employer’s Name
    • Home Office Address
    • Website
    • Person submitting this RFP:
      • Name and Title
      • Office Location, if different from above
      • Phone
      • Email Address
    • Provide publicly certified documentation or a self-certification statement if your organization is a small, women, disabled veteran or minority-owned business
    • Provide details of any efforts toward diversity by your organization

3. Experience

    • Describe depth of understanding and knowledge of EO/AA laws and regulations and working with the OFCCP and/or EEOC
    • Education, number of years of experience
    • Provide a statement that your service to the NILG would not create a conflict of interest

4. Non-Profit Expertise/Relevant Experience/References

    • Descriptions/examples of previous experience that may be relevant to servicing the needs of the NILG, including providing recommendations on EO/AA regulations and matters
    • Descriptions/examples of previous experience working with non-profit organizations
    • List three references. Please also include the number of years you have been working (or worked) with them

Term and Selection:

Advisory Council Members serve a two-year term and can be appointed to no more than two consecutive two-year terms unless the Board approves an additional term by majority vote.

Right to Reject:

The NILG reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received in response to this RFP, and/or to waive irregularities and informalities.

Selection Process:

All eligible proposals will be reviewed and evaluated for their qualifications, experience and suitability to complete the Scope of Service for this RFP. Be sure to include all relevant information and evidence of your record of performance and ability to perform the work. Phone, video and in-person interviews may be requested. The NILG, at its discretion, may request presentations or additional information from any or all Responders. However, the NILG reserves the right to select the proposal which furthers the best interests of the NILG and to select without further discussion of the proposals submitted. All responses are subject to approval by NILG Board officers and Board members.

Notification of Selection:

Notice to the selected Responder to proceed with the scope of work is anticipated on or about August 2, 2021. All responders who submit proposals to this RFP will be informed, in writing, of the name of the Advisory Council Member selected. It is expected that the two-year period of service will start on September 2, 2021 and end on September 1, 2023.

Current NILG Advisory Council Members:

Nita Beecher

H. Juanita (Nita) M. Beecher, Counsel to Fortney & Scott, LLC, is a nationally-recognized expert on OFCCP and the EEOC with more than 40 years of experience in federal and state employment law. Currently, Ms. Beecher provides advice to clients on a broad range of employment law issues with her primary focus on issues involving discrimination, affirmative action, compensation and wage and hour matters. She also serves as Legal Counsel to The Institute for Workplace Equality as well as co-editor of the Federal Employment Law Insider, a monthly newsletter updating employers on federal laws and regulations and presents webinars on federal employment law issues.

Lynn Clements

Lynn Clements, as Director, Regulatory Affairs for Berkshire, oversees Berkshire’s audit defense practice, helping clients respond to hundreds of government investigations since she joined the consulting firm in 2014. With over 20 years of EEO/AA experience, Lynn also serves as a strategic advisor to clients with respect to EEO/AA and pay equity issues and regularly helps clients develop robust compliance and diversity programs through client training and policy and program development. Prior to joining Berkshire, Lynn was a partner at a management-side law firm and served in several senior policy development roles at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Labor, including as the Acting Director of Policy at the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. A frequent speaker to HR professionals of all levels at national and local events, Lynn has testified before Congress on EEO and pay equity issues, regularly assists industry organizations, including SHRM and CUPA-HR, in understanding and responding to regulatory proposals.

Inderdeep Chatrath, Ph.D.

Inderdeep Chatrath, Ph.D. served as AVP of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in the Duke University Office for Institutional Equity for 20 years. Her role was highly influential, and she regularly took on additional responsibilities as the University’s needs changed over time. In addition to ownership of the annual Affirmative Action Plan and internal audit, Inderdeep also managed a wide range of research and evaluation studies to guide the evolution of EEO/AA policies, procedures, and investments, then leveraged that data to ensure continued compliance with local, state, and national regulations. Her teaching experience was also extensive: She designed training programs for faculty, academic, and administrative leadership; served as instructor for the Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership program; and is currently developing a certification exam and test questions for EEO/AA professionals. Inderdeep has also been engaged in working with OFCCP and independent consultants to support workplace compliance, equity and diversity.

Concurrent with her position at Duke, Inderdeep was engaged by public and private higher education institutions, consulting firms, legal counsel, audit and risk management professionals, and senior HR professionals in all areas of human resources to advise on EEO/AA compliance and develop strategies that promote D/E/I in the workplace.

Valerie Hoffman

Valerie Hoffman is a partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP where she has a nation-wide practice of labor and employment law and has served in various management roles at the Firm. As counsel to management, Valerie advises employers of all varieties and sizes, including Fortune 100 technology, financial services, professional services, hospitality, and manufacturing companies. While Valerie has a broad-based employment law advice and counsel practice, she has a particular focus on strategies to prevent and resolve issues relating to employment discrimination, including pay equity and glass ceiling issues, OFCCP defense and affirmative action compliance, and advice about legally defensible diversity practices. Valerie is a core leader of the Firm’s Pay Equity Group and founded and is Co-Chair of the Firm’s nationally prominent OFCCP, Affirmative Action & Diversity practice.