Sorenson: Making Communication Accessible to All
Founded in Salt Lake City in 2003, Sorenson is a global leader in accessible language services with a mission to break down communication barriers and connect people across languages and cultures. Sorenson pioneered the development of Video Relay Service (VRS), a telecommunications service that allows Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to communicate with hearing people over the phone using a sign language interpreter. VRS revolutionized the communication landscape, expanding human connections between people with different hearing abilities.
Today, Sorenson offers a wide range of language services in addition to VRS, including:

Video conferencing and messaging
On-demand ASL interpreting for businesses
Tactile interpreting for people who are DeafBlind
Captioning and transcription services for those who are hard of hearing
Real-time event captioning services

Sorenson is also at the forefront of developing new communication technologies. In 2023, Sorenson launched Sorenson for Zoom and Sorenson for Teams, apps that allow users to seamlessly integrate sign language interpreting into Zoom and Microsoft Teams video meetings. This subscription model makes it easy for businesses and organizations to create inclusive communication environments for everyone. Sorenson’s commitment to innovation and successful track record have made the company a global leader in language services. Sorenson constantly strives to develop new and innovative ways to make communication accessible to all.
Sorenson’s Impact
Sorenson’s services and technology profoundly impact the lives of people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. By breaking down communication barriers, Sorenson helps people connect with their loved ones, pursue their careers, and fully participate in their communities.
Sorenson’s Future
Sorenson is committed to developing innovative communication solutions that help people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, or hard-of-hearing achieve functional equivalency in their communications. The company is dedicated to research and development, with plans to announce several new products and services in the coming months. Sorenson is positioned to innovate and grow for years to come.
The company’s commitment to accessible communications is evident in its products and services, track record of success, and plans for the future.