KPMG Launches SO National Network to Deepen Their Commitment to Equity and Access for Individuals with Disabilities
KPMG, a global leader in professional services, has forged a remarkable partnership with Special Olympics (SO), leveraging inclusion to empower individuals with disabilities and champion their strengths and abilities. Since 2008, KPMG has supported SO as a Founding Member and engaged in various Special Olympics initiatives nationwide, leaving a lasting impact on communities and lives.
Now, with the launch of the firm’s new SO National Network, board members, volunteers, and professionals have another way to share and celebrate the incredible work of SO. Led by Elias Lambros, an Audit Partner at KPMG and Community Impact leader for SO, this network strives to raise awareness about inclusivity in schools, communities, and workplaces, fostering a shared vision of a more inclusive society.

“Serving as the partner leader of the SO network has been one of the most rewarding roles I have had during my 25-year career with KPMG,” Elias shares. “We collaborate with SO to inspire young people of all abilities to be inclusive leaders and support their efforts to lead advocacy and promote awareness in their schools. I have been so fortunate to see and participate in all the great work done by our professionals and others across the country.”

The network builds on the foundation of KPMG’s ongoing support for SO. Since 2019, the firm has served as an exclusive sponsor of the Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leadership Summits, which provide high-school-aged Special Olympics Youth Leaders with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with KPMG volunteers on inclusion and leadership-focused activities and access Inclusive Youth Leadership Grants to bring inclusion projects to communities with the guidance of a KPMG mentor. Additional local programs bring KPMG’s support to communities, with KPMG professionals collectively contributing over 3,000 hours of service, benefiting 1,300 students and educators at more than 150 schools and organizations.
Briana Haines, a KPMG U.S. Manager, is one example of the many ways KPMG professionals support SO. Briana’s involvement began as a direct result of the firm’s sponsorship. Encouraged by a partner in her local office, she took on a role organizing KPMG volunteers for SO events.
“I have had the full backing of a team that recognizes the importance of what SO does,” Briana shares. “Through our culture journey, KPMG has demonstrated that our people are important. The focus on people holds everyone accountable for how they treat each other. This means everything.” 
Briana has participated as a Super Polar Plunger, submerging herself in icy waters 24 times in 24 hours, to help raise funds for her local SO chapter, and has attended the SO World Games as a Unified Sports Delegate in Abu Dhabi and Berlin. For her efforts with SO, she was a Daily Point of Light honoree.

“My experience with SO has been extremely fulfilling, and I have KPMG to thank for it,” Briana said. “I first got involved as a direct result of KPMG U.S.’ sponsorship of the organization. I have had the full backing of a team that recognizes the importance of what SO does.”

KPMG’s partnership with Special Olympics exemplifies the firm’s broader commitment to promoting equity and access to opportunity for individuals with disabilities. As the firm continues this collaboration, the two organizations’ shared dedication to inclusivity, education, and learning paves the way for a more inclusive society.