Disability:IN, a nonprofit organization that encourages inclusion in the workplace, has launched trainings to help people with disabilities better tell their personal stories during the job seeking process.
Why it matters: Even as companies continue to prioritize inclusion, only 4% of businesses incorporate people with disabilities into their workplace initiatives, according to the most recent report by Return on Disability.
The big picture: As the legalities of race- or gender-based hiring and promotion practices come into question, companies are reframing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives (DEI).

Instead of DEI, terminology like “inclusion” and “culture of belonging” is being used. This includes employing people with disabilities.

State of play: The employment rate for Americans with disabilities reached a record high in 2023 according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In response, employers across industries are incorporating more accessible communications.

Yes, but: First, they need to land the job.

Disability:IN’s offerings includes a session on personal branding, social media presence and sharing your disability story in formal and informal settings.
Other communication-specific courses focus on in-person and virtual presentation and a guide to professional networking.

What they’re saying: Honing communications skills as a person with a disability — from navigating networking as a person who is blind, to preparing presentations as someone on the autism spectrum — can be quite different, especially because of biases, said Jill Houghton, president and CEO of Disability:IN.

Disability:IN hopes this training will “empower individuals to embrace their identity while mastering essential skills [that allow for] personal growth and career advancement,” Houghton added.

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