Nominations Open for Advisors to NILG Board

The NILG Advisory Council provides technical expertise and key information, insight, and recommendations on relevant matters to the NILG Board concerning affirmative action compliance and equal employment opportunity. Advisory Council members will serve two-year terms; the upcoming term starts October 1, 2023. We have one open position to the Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council may be comprised of attorneys, affirmative action consultants, statisticians, industrial psychologists, labor economists, and/or other consultants to the federal contractor community whose expertise the Board determines would be of assistance to the NILG and the contractor community.

Please review the attached Request for Proposal (RFP) and Executive Summary for detail concerning the role and responsibilities of the Advisory Council role.

Please forward this information to those whose expertise would help the NILG fulfill its mission of furthering equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

Please consider joining the NILG Advisory Council!

RFPs are due by no later than Midnight ET, Tuesday, September 5, 2023