Opening on NILG Board (Counsel) and  NILG Advisory Council

In accordance with our By-laws, the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) is soliciting proposals for one qualified and experienced attorney to serve as the counsel to the NILG Board and one member to serve on our Advisory Council. 

Proposal Considerations:

  • Counsel to the NILG Board:  Counsel to the NILG Board must be a qualified and experienced attorney who is well-established in the business of employment law and EEO/Affirmative Action.  Counsel to the NILG Board must be licensed to practice law and in good standing with a state bar association.
  • Advisory Council Member:  Advisory Council members are attorneys, affirmative action consultants, statisticians, industrial psychologists, labor economists, and/or other consultants to the federal contractor community whose expertise the Board determines would be of assistance to the NILG. 

Please submit your completed proposal to Teresa Salinas @ by Wednesday, July 22nd.

This Request for Proposal may also be found on the NILG website at

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