National Disability Employment Awareness Month – October
Pfizer’s SourceAbled program is an Enterprise program designed to deliver sustainable solutions for attracting, hiring, and retaining qualified talent who are autistic, neurodivergent, and/or have disabilities.
At Pfizer, we believe in equity. We believe everyone should feel seen, heard and cared for.  We are committed to creating inclusive and equitable opportunities for candidates with disabilities. Pfizer’s partnership with Rangam SourceAbled is ongoing and this initiative supports the Disability Board of Director’s vision of changing lives by providing opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as support and community for colleagues who identify as a person with a disability, or a colleague that supports someone with a disability.
The SourceAbled Program is a dedicated initiative that sources and hires qualified talent with disabilities. To ensure we can retain talent brought to Pfizer through the program, our SourceAbled Core Team has partnered with Rangam Consultants to educate our colleagues through development of a disability training suite available to all Pfizer employees through our centralized training portal, support our hires by providing a concierge service to support talent through the hiring process and after onboarding, and diversify Pfizer’s recruitment pipeline through partnerships with external companies.
Currently, our four SourceAbled sites are Andover and Cambridge, MA, Sanford, NC, and Tampa, FL. We intend to add four more sites by the end of the year. Pfizer SourceAbled will continue to evaluate, educate, hire, and support colleagues and individuals with disabilities.
To learn more about Pfizer’s initiatives and our SourceAbled Program, email us at