Disability:IN is thrilled to welcome Intel’s Corporate Director of Accessibility, Amy Warner, as a new member of our Board of Directors.
Disability:IN, a global non-profit that empowers businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality, has named Amy Warner – Vice President and General Manager, IT Digital Business Solutions and Corporate Director of Accessibility at Intel – to its board of directors.
While championing Intel’s IT digital business solutions, Amy is also relentlessly focused on building an inclusive culture, empowering people with disabilities, and access for all – in both the physical and digital world. As Intel’s Corporate Director of Accessibility, Amy is leading Intel’s comprehensive corporate-wide strategy and roadmap initiatives to:
Drive a sustained culture of accessibility;
Embrace technology to eliminate barriers;
Foster innovation;
And empower all people to reach their full potential.
Amy recently shared her own story and is proud to lead out loud with her disability. She strongly believes that by sharing our stories, we can help lead the way in creating a psychologically safe culture, enabling individuals to be more productive, more engaged, and contribute at a higher level. By doing so, Amy believes we can ultimately help change the conversation and break down social stigmas both in our workplace and in society.
Warner said, “I am thrilled to join the board of directors for Disability:IN. Emerging technologies are reimagining our world. Transformation is critical for every kind of business. As the new digital world becomes a larger part of our workplace and everyday lives it is essential that it is also accessible to people with disabilities. We can all be change agents to help shape the modern accessible workplace, work environment and culture. I look forward to helping shape the future course and strategy with Disability:IN to realize its vision – An inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.”
Intel scored 100 percent on the Disability Equity Index (DEI) in 2019 for their 3rd consecutive year. Intel kicked off 2019 with the development and ratification of our corporate Disability Inclusion Strategy and statement:
“We aspire to role model accessibility and an inclusive work environment for our disability community that recognizes employee value, fosters a sense of belonging, and promotes growth and opportunity.”
Intel Disability and Accessibility Network’s (IDAN) cross-site board members were pivotal contributors to the development of the strategy by representing the thought leadership of employees, loved ones, and advocates of individuals with disabilities. IDAN—Intel’s Employee Resource Group which has been active for over 15 years—was rebranded to reflect its mission and strategic objectives by acknowledging and embracing disability to achieve full inclusion.
Intel continues to foster inclusion at the leadership level, as they established a Disability Leadership Council. The council consists of the senior-level employees who serve as role models of leadership and champions of our diversity and inclusion initiatives. They promote the progression and growth of diverse employees at Intel and foster an inclusive culture where all employees can thrive professionally.
To learn more about Intel’s Global Diversity and Inclusion efforts, visit https://www.intel.com/diversity.