Disability:IN Inclusion Works (IW) Program Consultants’ Job Description Provide unlimited disability inclusion consulting to Disability:IN Inclusion Works’ participating companies that are assigned; Facilitate connections between the participating Inclusion Works companies in the Community of Corporations to share and learn best and evolving practices; Participate in 2 Inclusion Works meetings where the 84 Inclusion Works companies share best practices on disability inclusion (see attached list of 84 participating companies); Participate in the Disability:IN Conference, as requested; With the Disability:IN DEI Director, provide technical assistance on the Disability Equality Index (DEI) to assigned companies; Provide training & awareness building for recruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders (training curricula provided by Disability:IN Inclusion Works); Consult on effective accommodations policies and practices; With the assistance of the Disability:IN VP of Supplier Diversity, assist with Supplier Diversity; With the assistance of multiple Disability:IN experts and documents, consult on physical and digital accessibility; With the assistance of the Disability:IN SVP, Global Workplace Initiatives, consult on self-identification; With the Disability:IN SVP, Global Workplace Initiatives, assist companies with Global Disability Inclusion in EMEA, APAC and LATAM; With the guidance of the Disability:IN Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, participate in Inclusion Works recruiting events; With the Disability:IN Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, assist assigned companies to create & manage sourcing relationships at the local, state, and national levels that result in a sustainable pipeline of talented candidates; Assist assigned companies’ Disability B/ERGs to advance inclusion, based on other companies’ best practices; Raise awareness of the skills and abilities of talented individuals with disabilities and dispel stereotypes; and Other disability inclusion assistance as identified by assigned companies. Send resumes to [email protected]