Interested in participating in the Disability Equality Index, but would like more information? We’ve gathered the most useful resources in one spot to help you get started. In addition, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you’d have any additional questions.

Eligibility & Timeline Benchmark Questions (PDF | Word | Excel) – Available 365 days/year, with any updates announced before the registration period

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2019 DEI Update Webinars (Overview) [DOC] “Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day: hear from our own Disability:IN staff on advancing inclusion in the workplace” – May 17, 2018: [PowerPoint Slides – PPT] [Transcript – RTF] [Video with subtitles – MP4] “Community Engagement, Fair Pay, and Information from the Disability Equality Index” – September 11, 2018 [PowerPoint Slides – PPT] [Transcript – DOC] [Video with subtitles – MP4] “Reviewing the Enterprise-Wide Access category, including WCAG 2.1” – October 9, 2018 [PowerPoint – PPT] [Transcript – DOC] [Video with subtitles – MP4] “Learn more about what is covered in the 2019 Disability Equality Index” – November 6, 2018 [PowerPoint – PPT] [Transcript – DOC] [Video with subtitles – MP4]