For many individuals with disabilities of working age, pursuing traditional employment can be a daunting prospect strewn with challenges and uncertainties. A good number of these relate to whether, in a competitive jobs market, it will even be possible to gain meaningful employment, given widespread attitudinal barriers towards employing people with disabilities held by many employers and a general lack of awareness around best-practice for workplace disability inclusion. The Cream of the Crop Last month, Disability:IN, a U.S.-based global organization driving disability inclusion and equality in business, sought to highlight the value of disability-owned businesses and disability entrepreneurship through its Pitch Perfect Challenge. The challenge, now in its tenth year, set up to coincide with National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) involved three finalists pitching their businesses “Shark Tank-style” to a panel of judges to win prizes and resources. Pitch Perfect forms part of Disability:IN’s wider strategy of providing accreditation for disability-owned businesses (DOBE®s).