Disability:IN’s DOBE Community Reaches 500+!
The Disability:IN Supplier Diversity program certifies disability-owned business enterprises, including service-disabled and veteran disability-owned businesses, and links them to organizations seeking to diversify their supply chains. We are thrilled to announce that Disability:IN’s network of certified Disability Owned Business Enterprises (DOBEs) has grown to 500+ businesses!
This number is comprised of individuals with disabilities whose unique perspectives, stories, and backgrounds are making waves across Business. As this number continues to grow, join us in celebrating just a few of the individuals and stories who make up the DOBE community.
Certified Disability Owned Business Enterprises are #ProudToBeDOBE
“Disability:IN builds opportunity and community that bridges the gap between business owners and organizations. I am very fortunate to be a member and supported by the inclusive efforts that are vital for all of us diverse business owners.” – Dana Arnett, Wicked Bionic
“Being the very first certified DOBE is something I am so proud of because I have seen the power and success of disability owners previously left out. Disability:IN is focused on increasing success and more customer engagement for entrepreneurs with disabilities.”– Joyce Bender, Bender Consulting Services, Inc.
“Disabled business owners are familiar with overcoming adversity, and because of that, resilience is baked into our company culture. Especially when starting a company, diverse businesses tend to come upon challenges that make it difficult to establish themselves. That is why working with a DOBE-certified organization makes for a great procurement partner- their aptitude and dexterity to overcome an obstacle not only reflects on their competency as a person but also as a business owner.” – Jackson Dalton, Black Box Safety
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“Being a certified DOBE has helped us grow and achieve success because of a few different reasons. Networking has been a massive part of our success and being a certified DOBE has opened doors to people who have given us insight and mentorship. Additionally, being certified sends a positive message and tells potential partners who we are and what we represent.” – Calvin Harris, Reveille Trading Company
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“I am proud to be a DOBE because it takes a village to do anything and everyone has a strength to contribute..”– Kimberly Meek, Hacha Products Corporation.
“As a DOBE…

We are not trapped by the expectation to conform to the typical (and often toxic) image of what a creative agency is “supposed” to be.
We are not trapped in outdated ideas of how teams work together.
We are not trapped into thinking that we’re the only ones overcoming tremendous odds to build a business that leaves a legacy that even outlives us.

Instead, we are free to infuse our work with our purpose and our passion.
We are free to listen differently—to listen deeply to the real needs of our clients, their customers, and our team members. And from that different listening, we can create better solutions.
We are free to live our authentic story and find others on a similar path.

We cherish this freedom every day, and we look forward to working alongside others to help create more of this in our industries and our world.”- John Reid, SKY.
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