At Disability:IN, we believe accessible technology is an essential aspect of diversity and inclusion and a lever for innovation. In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we are pleased to share accessibility-related resources and opportunities to learn.
We welcome business professionals to join IN accessibility initiatives from the marketing & communications fields, UX design, software and product development, graphic and web design, content strategy, procurement, HR, etc. Accessibility is related to every line of business.
On social media, the hashtag for accessibility is a11y – representing the 11 letters between the first “A” and the final “Y.” Whether you have a disability or not, GAAD is a great time to become an ally for A11Y.
#GAAD Social Media Graphics: Be an Ally for A11Y
Post #1: This is your post when it’s not accessible to people with disabilities. In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD), remember graphics should include alt-text and videos should have captions and audio descriptions. Be an ally & Join IN! [Pair with Error Graphic below]
Post #2: Inclusion means accessibility. Remember, graphics should include alt-text and videos should have captions and audio descriptions – otherwise it looks like this. We can all be an ally and join IN today and every day for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). [Pair with Error Graphic below]
Post #3: Be an ally and make sure your social media posts, emails, and all your content is accessible to people with disabilities. Otherwise, your content won’t reach all of your intended audience! Enable alt-text for graphics and remember videos should be captioned and audio described. Allies for A11Y – share to spread the word for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD). [Pair with Error Graphic below]
Post #4: Did you know that many of your intended readers can’t use a mouse?  Accessibility means being able to interact with all web content using only your keyboard. If you use a mouse, celebrate GAAD by putting it aside for 10 minutes. Can you get to where you need to go and do what you want to do?  Share your learnings with your teams to spread a11y awareness.

GAAD Events
Previously Recorded: GAAD Webinar: Make Tech Purchases Available to All with Accessible Procurement
Watch On Demand
The webinar will draw from Disability:IN’s Accessible Technology Procurement Toolkit developed by the partners and Accessibility Leadership Committee of Disability:IN.  This tool is open-source and available free of charge to anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of accessible procurement and implement an accessible procurement program.
Join us to learn more about buying and maintaining technology all employees can use, whether your journey is just beginning or you’re well on the road.
Kerrie Holleman, Director – Business Management & Operations, Accessibility @ Microsoft
Catherine Watterson, Senior Director – Accessibility Technology @ Microsoft
Jeff Wissel, Senior Accessibility Consultant @ Fidelity
Eric Wright, Senior Lead Technologist @ Booz, Allen, Hamilton
Lainey Feingold, Law Office of Lainey Feingold / Disability:IN accessibility subject matter expert
Previously Recorded: Comcast GAAD Panel “What COVID-19 Has Taught us About the Importance of Inclusivity”
Watch On Demand
“No one person or one organization can do this alone. It truly takes a village, which is why I invited a few thought leaders making waves in the world of accessibility and inclusive design to talk about what we’ve learned and experienced during COVID-19 and how we can apply these lessons in a post-pandemic world.” – Tom Wlodkowski, VP of Accessibility, Comcast
Jill Houghton, President and CEO, Disability:IN
Catherine Nichols, Senior Director of Accessibility Programs, Vice President of Abilityforce Equality Group, Salesforce
Andrew Kirkpatrick, Head of Accessibility, Adobe
Hale Pulsifer, Vice President of the Office of Customer Accessibility, Fidelity Investments
GAAD Resources
On GAAD and every day, Disability:IN resources can help you on your accessibility journey. Check out:
Accessibility Technology Procurement Toolkit
COVID-19 Response: Digital Accessibility and Other Best Practices for Remote Work
To learn more about Disability:IN accessibility work and its Accessibility Leadership Committee, contact  [email protected].
Accessibility-Related DOBE Suppliers
Disability:IN certifies disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), including veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses through our Supplier Diversity program.
ABILITREK: Accessibility reviews, IT accessibility consulting, accessibility consulting, website consulting
Agilitech Solutions LLC: We provide comprehensive web and document accessibility solutions that leverage the very best and most secure technology. Our automated solutions simplify accessibility compliance, install with a single line of code and provide web accessibility audit, remediation, continuous monitoring and reporting. Our accessible output management solutions streamline the processing and output of transactional documents.
Assistive Technologies Consulting: Providing consulting services to businesses and companies to help them make their technology is accessible as possible to people living with disabilities. Also providing consulting services to people within the disability community to make sure they can use technology to provide them the greatest level of independence.
Bender Consulting Services, Inc.: Disability Employment and Accessibility Solutions: recruitment, workplace mentoring, consulting, strategic planning, training (ADA, 503, 508, WCAG 2.0)
C4 Consulting: We serve 2 main core competencies. Pure play DBA services via on-premise or through our RMM suite. We also conduct accessibility / universal testing & design for companies needing to be more appropriate for all types of users.
C5 Consulting, LLC: C5 offers a variety of services to our clients and designs our consulting to address specific client needs. C5 provides a comprehensive delivery of consulting services and products including Disability Inclusion IQ E-Learning Modules, Talent Acquisition Solutions, Standing and Customized Webinar and in-person training, ERG Train the Trainer, and Hiring Manager and HR Toolkits.
Caption First and Caption First, Inc.: Real-time captioning, CART, post-production captioning, transcription of audio and video files. ASL interpreting services. Consulting on captioning, Deaf Culture, and the ADA and Section 508 as it applies to deaf and hard of hearing access.
CaptionAccess LLC: Live and post-production captioning and transcription services, and live video remote interpreting.
Deb Dagit Diversity, LLC: Providing coaching, consulting, project support, training, public speaking , advice column, subject mater expertise, tools, and various other resources re: diversity and inclusions practices to private and public non-profit organizations.
Disability Inclusion Solutions: Video production, Video editing, Caption services, Descriptive audio, Animation, eLearning software solutions, Universal Design consulting, Architecture
Diversifi Consulting Group, LLC: Diversifi educates individuals, groups, companies, associations, and other entities on disability awareness and inclusion in the workplace and community as well as the short- and long-term benefits to the success of their organizations. We are the conduit and go-to-source for local businesses on topics ranging from recruiting to employment to disability awareness etiquette. We provide training and specialized staff augmentation.
Inclusion Consulting Enterprises Inc.: We consult with businesses, events, and municipalities to make the usability as ADA friendly as possible. We partner with realtors and architects to make the move in and set up is ADA usable and friendly
LCM Architects, LLC: Architecture, Interiors, Universal Design, Accessibility Consulting: ADA (Architectural Plan Review, Barrier Removal, Facility Inspection, Reports, Program Access, Training) and FHA (Architectural Plan Review, Barrier Remediation, Construction Review, Facility Inspection, Reports, Training; ADA/Section 504 Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan Development; Disability Policy Review; Due Diligence Inspections, Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
McGuire Associates, Inc.: Consulting services to assist organizations in effectively & proactively meeting ADA standards. Services include: Policy development, training, planning/implementation/monitoring, communication, PR, and electronic technology applications.
Neurodiversity Advisors: The business provides GIS and drone services. We also will start providing employment services and job board to aimed at people who have Autism and other developmental disabilities. We also aim to hold job fairs and conferences specifically for adults with Autism.
Our Ability: Motivational Speaking, Also a digital profile service created to promote future employment for people with disabilities through work-to-hire programs, helping to recruit future employees and implementing inclusion education for existing employees. Video Production Web Applications
Prime Access Consulting, Inc.: 508 and WCAG 2.0/2.1 audits and compliance consulting around digital interfaces including websites, mobile, and interactives digital accessibility and inclusive design consulting increasing access to STEM resources for students with disabilities.
SW Unlimited LLC: Sale of assistive technologies & computer equipment, peripherals, and office equipment. Installation, training, maintenance of computer equipment and assistive technology training. Service visually impaired disabled vets.
TrackedMobility: Recreational Goods Rental, Sports and recreational Supplies Merchant and wholesalers, Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities
Travel Stay Solutions Limited Liability Company: Recreational Goods Rental, Sports and recreational Supplies Merchant and wholesalers, Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities
Note: Any reference to any person, organization, products, services or any linkages to the website of another party, do not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of Disability:IN.

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