When Jill Houghton talks about people with disabilities, her eyes light up, her voice projects, and she flashes a smile that illustrates an appreciation for the work she does as the CEO of the global nonprofit Disability:IN. But ask her about the state of the disability-rights movement in America, and her mood changes. Houghton is a person with dyslexia, the wife to a husband with a spinal injury, and the mother to a son with ADHD. When she speaks about the obstacles people with disabilities face, there’s a sense of anger and frustration in her voice. “Disability is too often missing in the conversation,” she told Insider. “There’s a discomfort around it. There’s a ‘shh’ factor where nobody talks about it.” In an Equity Talk, Houghton spoke about the barriers the disability-rights movement faced and how Disability:IN planned to break them down. Read the full interview on Business Insider.